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Hair transplant in Warangal is a good option for those who are looking for hair transplant services at a cheaper price with the same quality and medical facilities as North America and other European Countries. Dermatologists, doctors, and surgeons team got trained by North America’s universities and labs. Veterans professionals have been working in the field of cosmetic surgeries in Warangal for many years. In Warangal, most of the clinics and hospitals offer a complete solution for hair loss from early stages to advance stages of hair loss for both men and women. Doctors and Surgeons use the FUE(Follicular Unit Extraction) technique followed by a modified version of technology like DHI (Direct Hair Implantation), BIO-FUE (Bio-Stimulated FUE), FUSS which is painless, scarless, stitchless, and safer. A patient does not need to get hospitalized or does not require full time bed rest at all and can return to their work in one or two days of the treatment.

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Silicon Based Non Surgical Hair Fixing Patch and Wigs in Warangal

People often confuse with both hair transplant and hair replacement technique. The difference between two is of original and artificial. Hair transplant is your own original hair which was taken by your any part of the body area which must have dense hair thickness, it can be the backside of your head, chest, beard or any part. Surgeons regrow your hairs only by using your hair follicles at bald area with the help of anesthesia and numbness till the treatment so that patient do not feel any kind of pain while under going this treatment process. Mostly, Doctors recommend the 12 months break between the sessions. The biggest advantages of hair transplant is that one time investment with long term results which is considered permanent cure to baldness, a guaranteed 100% natural look matched to your hairs as it has taken from patient’s hair follicles itself and no repetitive cost arouse on hair strands, the risk is minimal and you will restore your hair loss and hair line by hair transplantation but then a question is arise that when person should go for hair transplant?

Because hair loss can occur to anyone at any age, so doctor’s must make sure that you have tried all other methods to restore your hair loss and they didn’t work. People need to go for hair transplant if he thinks, hair loss is a big troublesome for his career or gives you a negative feeling.Some started to loss hair at very young age or gradually hair thinning occur which make person worried of sooner baldness and make him uncomfortable after shaving too, might be due to male pattern baldness or other factors but before undergoing this process, you should completely aware the entire process along with doctor’s qualification and you should feel that you will manage well.

Some non-surgical methods of hair transplant is also present like Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) which treats the middle age men and women hormonal imbalances during andropause and menopause respectively. Estrogen plays vital role in women’s hair growth. So with the help of HRT, progesterone and estrogen level increase which leads you thick and youthful hairs. Second, non surgical hair transpant is Platelet-Rich-Plasma Therapy (PRP) which fights against your hair thin and alopecia disease by rejuvenate aging follicles using hair-thicking nutrients from patients own plasma and last is, Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a new modern technique that warms the patient’s scalp using red laser light to enhance the blood flow and nutrients at required area. In this, patient can take hair restoration equipment called LaserCap (LCPRO) at home and Wearing LaserCap for half an hour at a time three days per week to get new hairs growth without undergoing any hardcore, invasive, painful or discomfort procedure.

Where as in Hair Replacement or also called hair weaving, Attach the new hair (also called an artificial attachment that kept in place by clips or with the help of other tools) with your existing hair strategically. Synthetic hair system will give you artificial hair look in which you may feel weight over your head and need to be cautious while swimming and sweating because hair replacement will just conceal the area of your scalp, you may say it like a wig. Medical wigs are safer for those patients who are suffering from chemotherapy or skin diseases like alopecia and trichotillomania.

Price of Hair Transplant in Warangal, South India

The starting cost is Rs 30,000/- per 500-1000 hair grafts for one sitting which will increase as the number of hair grafts will increase. This is the approximate amount and it may vary from doctor to doctor, clinics,hospitals,technology is used by surgeons and qualified physicians. India is the most popular country for hair transplant, hair loss treatment, and cosmetic surgeries because despite being having the finest tools, types of equipment, surgeons, clinics, and medical facilities, they provide hair transplant services at lower rates compared to North America or any other part of the world. Not only this, clinics and hospitals also provide considerable discounts in their festive seasons which again cost to medical tourists very low. While taking hair transplant treatment, medical tourists love to explore Warangal city because Warangal is recognized as the best heritage and the 5th largest city of Telangana State, South India which is 145 km away from Hyderabad. Tourists do visit Warangle’s Wildlife Sanctuary, Thousand Pillar Temple, Victory Estate Shopping Complex, Maangalya Shopping Mall, SPI Cinemas, ISKCON Warangal Temple, Kakatiya Musical Garden, Warangal Fort and Bhadrakali Temple where the diamond Kohinoor was the left eye of the goddess in this temple which is written in the history of India by priests in the Indian holy books.

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I had hair problem I was searching different places my friend suggested about ivies clinic. I went there it’s very nice environment and friendly staff. I am go through the treatment now. My hair loss controlled thanks to ivies clinic.

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My brother is suffering from Bald head from long time, When we consult at IVIES clinic, They explained about hair transplant and hair weaving. My brother choose hair weaving. After the treatment we can’t believe is the same person look is perfect. 


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