Acne / Scars Treatment

The primary goal of acne treatment is to reduce the amount of excessive sebum (oil) on your skin, ensure proper exfoliation so that the pores are not clogged due to dead skin, and get rid all the acne-causing bacteria to prevent further occurrence of acne. Different parts of your body may require different types of treatment. Once the cause is determined, you can be advised about the best treatment which involves the right ingredients.

The highly experienced dermatologists at IVIES Clinic can help you in successfully treating your acne problems. They start off by conducting thorough analysis to understand what the exact problem is, the body part which has to be treated, the causes of your acne, your complete medical history, lifestyle and dietary history, etc. After understanding the extent of your acne problem, The dermatologists will also provide pre- and post-care instructions that will help in ensuring that your acne treatment provides positive results.