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Connect Best Hair Transplant clinic In Visakhapatnam. Ivies Clinic for hair transplant provides PRP, FUE, DHT Hair restoration solutions at affordable cost.

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Hair regrowth from your hair follicles is called a hair transplant. Doctors and surgeons in Visakhapatnam take the patient’s hair follicles from the densely thick areas from the patient’s backside of head, beard, chest, etc. From wherever get suitable hair follicles are pulled out and then grafted at the bald or thinning area of the patient’s scalp. Hair transplants can be done surgically and non-surgically in Visakhapatnam. In Surgical Method, Many technologies like tissue expansion, flap surgery, scalp reduction have been used. Still, the three more common technologies are also used by veteran and experienced surgeons for hair transplants in Vishakhapatnam.

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Best FUE, PRP and DHT Hair Transplant Clinic & Hair loss Treatement Center In Visakhapatnam

Expert surgeons carry out hair transplant surgery in Visakhapatnam under the superintendence of experienced and qualified hair transplant Surgeons. Hair Transplant Surgery is a process of transplanting hair from various body parts to any place in the scalp or hair loss areas. Hair transplantation surgery is done for both men and women. Hair transplant surgery in Visakhapatnam also helps enhance the beauty of bald heads resulting in an overall enhancement of look and appearance. Hair transplant clinics In Visakhapatnam can be approached for carrying out Hair replacement surgeries. Hair replacement surgeries are carried out on patients who have lost hair due to hair loss treatments like hair transplants and hair replacement surgery.

The success rate of hair treatments in the case of male patients is much higher than that of female patients. This is because hair loss in men is caused by hormonal imbalance, genetic factors, and the accumulation of excess fat under the hairline. These hair treatments in men can be successful through proper hair transplant techniques. The success rate of hair transplant procedures in the case of females can be reduced if appropriate medications and skincare are provided. Female hair transplant surgeries are successful when the right combination of chemicals and skincare is applied. There are various hair transplant clinics in the region of Vizag. Skilled surgeons carry out most hair treatment surgeries under the supervisory guidance of experienced Plastic Surgeons. Hair transplant clinics in Vizag are very successful in providing Hair replacement services to patients. Hair transplant surgery has helped patients suffering from hair loss problems to regain their everyday lifestyles. Hair transplant clinics in Vizag provide customized services to every client based on individual client specifications.

Hair transplants In Visakhapatnam are done by expert surgeons who use high-quality equipment for hair treatment procedures. Hair transplant clinics in Vizag use modern laser technology and highly advanced equipment in hair transplant surgeries. In these hair treatment surgeries, the surgeons remove excess hair from particular scalp regions; then, they use scalp expansion cells or grafts to create thick and full hair in these areas.


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