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FUE, PRP, DHT Hair Transplant Clinic In Visakhapatnam

Searching For Best Hair replacement clinic In Visakhapatnam? Ivies Clinic provide Silicon based non surgical Hair fixing solution with hair patch and wigs service in Vizag.

Searching For Best FUE, PRP, DHT Hair Transplant Clinic In Visakhapatnam?

Hair regrowth from your own hair follicles called a hair transplant. Doctors and surgeons in Visakhapatnam take the patient’s hair follicles from the densely thick areas from the patient’s backside of head, beard, chest, etc.. from wherever get suitable hair follicles are pulled out and then graft it at the bald or thinning area of the patient’s scalp. It can be done surgically and non-surgically in Visakhapatnam. In Surgical Method, Many technologies like tissue expansion, flap surgery, scalp reduction have been using but the three more common technolgies are also have been using by veteran and experienced surgeons for hair transplant in Vishakhapatnam (also called Vizag), Andhra Pradesh.

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Find Best FUE, PRP and DHT Hair Transplant Clinic & Hair loss Treatement Center In Visakhapatnam

Hair transplant surgery is carried out in Visakhapatnam by expert surgeons under the superintendence of experienced and qualified hair transplant Surgeons. Hair Transplant Surgery is a process of transplanting hair from various parts of the body to any place in the scalp or hair loss areas. A hair transplant procedure is done on patients suffering from male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness. Hair transplantation surgery can be done for both men and women. Hair transplant surgery in Visakhapatnam also helps to enhance the beauty of bald heads resulting in an overall enhancement of look and appearance. Hair transplant clinics In Visakhapatnam can be approached for carrying out Hair replacement surgeries. Hair replacement surgeries are carried out on patients who have lost hair due to hair loss treatments like hair transplants and hair replacement surgery. Hair replacement surgeries are carried out to provide an improved appearance and improved self-confidence to the patient.

The success rate of hair treatments in case of male patients is much higher than that of female patients. This is because hair loss in men is caused by hormonal imbalance, genetic factors and accumulation of excessive fat under the hairline. These hair treatments in men can be made successful through proper hair transplant techniques. The success rate of hair transplant procedures in case of females can be reduced if proper medications and skin care are provided. Female hair transplant surgeries are successful when the right combination of factors like chemicals and skin care is applied. There are various hair transplant clinics in the region of Vizag. Most hair treatment surgeries are carried out by skilled surgeons under the supervisory guidance of experienced Plastic Surgeons. Hair transplant clinics in Vizag are very successful in providing Hair replacement services to patients. Hair transplant surgery has helped patients suffering from hair loss problems to regain their normal life styles. Hair transplant clinics in Vizag provide customized services to each and every client based on individual client specifications.

Hair transplant procedures In Visakhapatnam are carried out by expert surgeons who use high quality equipment for hair treatment procedures. Hair transplant clinics in Vizag use modern laser technology and highly advanced equipment in hair transplant surgeries. In these hair treatment surgeries the surgeons remove excess hair from particular regions of the scalp, then they use scalp expansion cells or grafts to create thick and full hair in these areas. After the hair transplant surgeries the patient might feel some pain and swelling in the treated areas. You can control the pain and swelling by taking medicines orally or using local anesthetics cream.

FAQ - Hair Transplant In Vizag

Yes, we do provide hair patch and hair bonding service in Visakhapatnam.Hair weaves are another technique which is used for hair transplant surgeries in Vizag. Hair weave procedures have become very popular in recent years. Weaves are synthetic hair pieces, which are made from artificial or semi-synthetic polymers. These hair weaves are then put together and weaved into a strip like pattern on the scalp. The process of non surgical hair patch and hair bonding is not so difficult but it is time consuming. The hair weaves are put on the head of the patient in a strip manner, starting from the back of the head till the forehead. The weft is then folded over the head of the patient. The scalp massage is then done to increase the blood circulation in the head, thereby promoting the growth of the transplanted hair. Hair transplant surgery in Vizag can be used for replacing missing hair on the head.

This is a permanent replacement method and is considered the best procedure for long-term treatments. Hair weaves are used during the procedure for making the transplanted hair look natural. Even the artificial hair weaves look almost the same as natural hair weaves. All the hair fixings and hair transplant technologies used in Vizag are state-of-the-art. The surgeons and experts who work in the hair transplant surgery unit at Vizag are fully aware of the latest techniques being used by the patients. As a result, you can be sure that your Vizag hair transplant surgery will be successful and also you can get back your natural beauty. Hair transplant surgery in Vizag is expensive, but the price factor comes down if you do it at the Hair Transplant clinic of Vizag.

You may have to shell out few thousand dollars as a fee for the facility but the rest of the expenses will be taken by the doctors who will be taking care of you during the treatment. There are many surgeons practicing in Vizag Hair Transplant Center, who have been performing this transplant technique for many years now. Many of them have even been linked with some renowned hospitals in the world. In fact, Hair Transplant Clinics in Vizag provide world-class hair transplant services to their clients. They follow the exact procedure as advised by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for hair transplant surgeries. The surgeons at the Hair Transplant clinic of Vizag follow few basic procedures like removing the scalp scar, putting hair weaves on the scalp, trimming of hair etc. You may have to spend few more days waiting for the surgery to be over, but that is all. After the surgery, you will be able to witness a transformation of your hair that will amaze you and make you feel specia

The Cost of Silicon based hair transplant range from INR 15,000 - INR 25,000.Silicone based bonding solutions In Visakhapatnam are the best way to obtain an instant hairstyle in a safe manner. There are many types of silicone based bonding In visakhapatnam products available today and you can use various of them for achieving a perfect and attractive look for yourself. This material can be used to mend minor damages on your hair or to correct the scalp abnormalities, damaged hair, damaged scalps etc. The silicone-based bonding solutions are used in hair replacement surgeries to impart a new look to the patients, especially when it is done after a major trauma.

Since silicone based gel has the capability to manipulate the natural protein structure of our hair, it results in better retention of moisture, increased strength, improved elasticity and flexibility, smoothness and a shiny, glossy hair that look natural and glowing. This also helps to prevent the further damage to the hair due to frequent usage and improper techniques by the surgeons. Since this material is safe and has a high healing speed, you can easily get back to work with same results within few days of the treatment. Therefore you do not have to worry about hair loss or premature graying when you go for a non surgical based hair transplant treatment at visakhapatnam hair centre.

There are many advantages associated with silicone-based bonding In Visakhapatnam. You can also use this silicone gel in combination with silicone based fillers and other topical applications to achieve a natural look and feel with maximum results. You can choose from a wide range of natural and artificial colours and textures, so as to match with your existing hair colour and texture. As silicone does not lose its shine over time, you can get a glossy and radiant looking hair without the need to apply any chemical products regularly.

Many Hair Wig service centres in Andhra Pradesh are offering different kinds of hair services like hair transplantation, hair replacement, hair mask, hair coloring, hair cutting etc. Some of these centres even offer a money back guarantee so if you are not satisfied with their services after a specific time period, you can get your money back.

Hair Wigs in Visakhapatnam can help you appear different by changing your hair style and pattern to suit your personality and mood. You can have your hair done without cutting, straightening or coloring it. You can have different colours like blue, light brown, black, red and many more to suit your mood. With so many advantages offered by the hair service centres in Visakhapatnam, you can make any kind of hair style statement. Thus, visit Visakhapatnam now to get your hair services done according to your taste.

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I had hair problem I was searching different places my friend suggested about ivies clinic. I went there it’s very nice environment and friendly staff. I am go through the treatment now. My hair loss controlled thanks to ivies clinic.

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My brother is suffering from Bald head from long time, When we consult at IVIES clinic, They explained about hair transplant and hair weaving. My brother choose hair weaving. After the treatment we can’t believe is the same person look is perfect. 


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