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Hair Transplant In Hyderabad.

Hair transplant has gained high popularity in Hyderabad. A number of people from various countries are opting for hair transplant clinic in Hyderabad. When we talk about hair transplant in Hyderabad, we know that it is no easy task. So it is important to choose the best clinic so that you will not have any problem in this area.The surgeons perform the surgery with great care so that they can achieve a perfect result. The doctors who specialize in hair transplant in Hyderabad do an excellent job. If you want to get a hair transplant in Hyderabad, it is very important to choose a hair transplant clinic that has highly qualified and experienced surgeons. The surgeon must be experienced enough to handle all sorts of emergencies. Also make sure that the clinic has a skilled and experienced physician as well.

Most of the hair transplant clinics in Hyderabad have a resident doctor. You should avoid going to a clinic that does not have a resident doctor. The resident doctor is specially trained to deal with different kinds of patients. They are trained to carry out hair transplant in the best possible manner. Once you have finalized your choice of hair transplant clinic, the next step is choosing the surgical plan. There are various plans available for hair transplant in Hyderabad.

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Best Hair Replacement & Hair Loss Treatement Clinic In Hyderabad

IVIES, the best hair transplant centre in Hyderabad will surely help you get the desired hair transplant. Make sure that you research well before opting for a particular clinic. It is advised to take opinions from family and friends about the clinics from where you want to go for hair transplant. Hair Transplant In Hyderabad will be comparatively cheaper than in US or UK. The surgeons working at hair transplant centres in Hyderabad are highly qualified.

Hair loss problems have become a common phenomenon among men and women of all ages. This problem can be hereditary in nature or due to excessive exposure to harsh chemicals, hair colors, strong wind, sun and some medicines also. The main reason for hair loss is that there is an overproduction of testosterone in hair follicles which results in their getting thinner and therefore breaking off. This problem can be solved by undergoing a hair transplant for men and women. The transplanted hair will grow on the bald spots leaving the healthy hair intact. The best possible treatment to resolve this difficulty permanently is doing a hair transplant at the back of your head from the front to the thinning areas.

IVIES hair clinic and his surgical team are well skilled in the latest Hair Transplant Technology that provides Follicular Unit Transplacement (FUE) or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) for both male and female patients suffering from hair loss. In the most popular hair transplantation technique called FUE, the hair follicles from beneath the scalp are removed and they are implanted on the bald spots on the patient's head. The advantage of FUE hair transplant compared to other transplant techniques is that no incision is required after the procedure. Another advantage of FUE hair transplant surgery is that the patient's scalp is not damaged in the process.

What Is Cost of Hair Transplant in Hyderabad?

The starting cost for hair transplanr in Hyderabad is Rs 30,000/- depending upon per 500-1000 hair grafts for one sitting of hair surgery. However, the cost of hair transplant depends on the type of surgical technique you choose and also on the extent of hair loss problem. A high FUE surgery may require several sessions before it completely solves your problem. Therefore, you should select a surgeon who has a good reputation and who has performed many successful surgeries. If possible, try to find out whether the surgeon has faced any legal tussles regarding his medical practice.

The surgeon will first instruct you about the steps that you need to follow after the procedure. Usually, the hair transplant starts from the donor area and then it moves outward. In some cases, a small cut is made in the scalp to allow the follicular units to move. Some follicular units may die but new ones will take their place.

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I had hair problem I was searching different places my friend suggested about ivies clinic. I went there it’s very nice environment and friendly staff. I am go through the treatment now. My hair loss controlled thanks to ivies clinic.

RK Naidu

My brother is suffering from Bald head from long time, When we consult at IVIES clinic, They explained about hair transplant and hair weaving. My brother choose hair weaving. After the treatment we can’t believe is the same person look is perfect. 


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