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Hair Transplant In Hyderabad.

Hair transplant has gained high popularity in Hyderabad. A number of people from various countries are opting for hair transplant clinic in Hyderabad. When we talk about hair transplant in Hyderabad, we know that it is no easy task. So it is important to choose the best clinic so that you will not have any problem in this area.The surgeons perform the surgery with great care so that they can achieve a perfect result. The doctors who specialize in hair transplant in Hyderabad do an excellent job. If you want to get a hair transplant in Hyderabad, it is very important to choose a hair transplant clinic that has highly qualified and experienced surgeons. The surgeon must be experienced enough to handle all sorts of emergencies. Also make sure that the clinic has a skilled and experienced physician as well.

Most of the hair transplant clinics in Hyderabad have a resident doctor. You should avoid going to a clinic that does not have a resident doctor. The resident doctor is specially trained to deal with different kinds of patients. They are trained to carry out hair transplant in the best possible manner. Once you have finalized your choice of hair transplant clinic, the next step is choosing the surgical plan. There are various plans available for hair transplant in Hyderabad.

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Best Hair Replacement & Hair Loss Treatement Clinic In Hyderabad

IVIES, the best hair transplant centre in Hyderabad will surely help you get the desired hair transplant. Make sure that you research well before opting for a particular clinic. It is advised to take opinions from family and friends about the clinics from where you want to go for hair transplant. Hair Transplant In Hyderabad will be comparatively cheaper than in US or UK. The surgeons working at hair transplant centres in Hyderabad are highly qualified.

Hair loss problems have become a common phenomenon among men and women of all ages. This problem can be hereditary in nature or due to excessive exposure to harsh chemicals, hair colors, strong wind, sun and some medicines also. The main reason for hair loss is that there is an overproduction of testosterone in hair follicles which results in their getting thinner and therefore breaking off. This problem can be solved by undergoing a hair transplant for men and women. The transplanted hair will grow on the bald spots leaving the healthy hair intact. The best possible treatment to resolve this difficulty permanently is doing a hair transplant at the back of your head from the front to the thinning areas.

IVIES hair clinic and his surgical team are well skilled in the latest Hair Transplant Technology that provides Follicular Unit Transplacement (FUE) or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) for both male and female patients suffering from hair loss. In the most popular hair transplantation technique called FUE, the hair follicles from beneath the scalp are removed and they are implanted on the bald spots on the patient's head. The advantage of FUE hair transplant compared to other transplant techniques is that no incision is required after the procedure. Another advantage of FUE hair transplant surgery is that the patient's scalp is not damaged in the process.

What Is Cost of Hair Transplant in Hyderabad?

The starting cost for hair transplanr in Hyderabad is Rs 30,000/- depending upon per 500-1000 hair grafts for one sitting of hair surgery. However, the cost of hair transplant depends on the type of surgical technique you choose and also on the extent of hair loss problem. A high FUE surgery may require several sessions before it completely solves your problem. Therefore, you should select a surgeon who has a good reputation and who has performed many successful surgeries. If possible, try to find out whether the surgeon has faced any legal tussles regarding his medical practice.

The surgeon will first instruct you about the steps that you need to follow after the procedure. Usually, the hair transplant starts from the donor area and then it moves outward. In some cases, a small cut is made in the scalp to allow the follicular units to move. Some follicular units may die but new ones will take their place.

FUE hair transplant

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I had hair problem I was searching different places my friend suggested about ivies clinic. I went there it’s very nice environment and friendly staff. I am go through the treatment now. My hair loss controlled thanks to ivies clinic.

RK Naidu

My brother is suffering from Bald head from long time, When we consult at IVIES clinic, They explained about hair transplant and hair weaving. My brother choose hair weaving. After the treatment we can’t believe is the same person look is perfect. 


FAQ - Hair Transplant In Hyderabad

Hair Transplantation in Hyderabad, which is also known as FUE Hair Transplantation is one of the prominent hair replacement techniques available these days. This technique helps to restore lost hair by using artificial hair. Hair Transplantation in Hyderabad can be performed using different methods. Hair transplantation in Hyderabad can be done by a hair clinic in a person's house or at any other place where he can get timely help and assistance. Hair Transplantation in Hyderabad can be conducted on people who have experienced balding due to genetic reasons, alopecia areata and so on.

This is a permanent replacement method and is considered the best procedure for long-term treatments. Hair weaves are used during the procedure for making the transplanted hair look natural. Even the artificial hair weaves look almost the same as natural hair weaves. Hair Transplantation in Hyderabad can be conducted under local anesthetic or general anesthesia depending upon the kind of procedure performed. Hair Transplant in Hyderabad can be done in various parts of the head like the temples, top of the head, the crown, the side of the head, the rear, etc. Hair Transplantation in Hyderabad can be performed with the aid of harvested hair from different areas. FUE Hair Clinic in Hyderabad makes use of harvested hair from all over the head or from any part of the head or body but the best material used is human hair. A person who wants to undergo Hair Transplantation in Hyderabad should consult a surgeon who specializes in FUE Hair Transplantation.

There are several major advantages of undergoing Hair Transplantation in Hyderabad. The major one is that there is no chance of developing any side-effects even after the surgery is conducted in one's house. Hair Transplantation in Hyderabad minimizes the risks of developing side-effects. But, there are certain precautions that a person should follow before he can go for Hair Transplantation in Hyderabad. After Hair Transplantation in Hyderabad, the patient should not go directly to his old age home and avoid visiting his house till at least three months post-op. The next procedure after Hair Transplantation in Hyderabad which is very important is the Post-operative Care. This should not be delayed more than three months post-op. After the post-operative care, the recipient area should be cleaned properly and there should be no delay in giving the prescribed medicines.

The cost of Hair Transplant in Hyderabad depends on many factors like the number of grafts being transplanted, the kind of hair follicles being transplanted, age and immunity of the patient. Another important factor is the number of grafts required for the desired results. Cost is also affected by the preparation, equipment and procedures used during the surgical procedure. The most expensive and the most effective Hair Transplant in Hyderabad that is worth to consider is the FUE Hair Transplant surgery where three or more hairs are simultaneously grafted into a single area. The most recent advancement in the field of hair transplant surgery is the laser surgery that promises to provide even better results. When you opt for Hair Transplant in Hyderabad you should understand that the more grafts used means more costs. Apart from the costs also comes the risk of rejection of transplanted hair. The patient should therefore opt for fewer grafts if he has fewer hair defects. If you want to undergo Hair Transplant in Hyderabad but you are on limited budget then you can choose the fractional or the mini fractional hair transplant surgeries where the only transplant you undergo is of the same size as the smallest graft.

"FUE Hair Transplant" is a term used to describe the modern day procedure of hair transplantation using ultra refined fUE or fractional units. In this modern day method of hair replacement surgery, tiny amounts of hair pieces, with the donor scalp, are implanted into the balding areas. The hair pieces are prepared from your own hair that you can use without any worry of using any skin or blood from your body. This procedure is painless and also requires lesser time to recover. With its success rate and popularity, many patients all over India are trying to get FUE hair transplant from their trusted cosmetic surgeons.

Many people have a lot of doubts regarding FUE hair transplant, which is why it has been termed as the cheapest method available for hair transplant. Most people are of the view that FUE is the only method that offers permanent result. But, others who are equally interested in undergoing this method are a bit hesitant because of some myths and misconceptions. We are here to provide you with an insight into some of those myths and set of facts that you may find useful.

FUE Hair Transplant is said to be the best method for the treatment of hair loss. But, there is a condition involved in the procedure. First, you have to take a step back and analyze your reasons behind your hair fall and then decide whether it is just stress or if there is any medical cause for it. There are numerous other methods like laser therapy, scalp stimulation, traction alopecia, mini hair transplant, punch grafts, etc. that may prove to be beneficial but are not very effective if you are not suffering from a medical condition.

One of the major misconceptions regarding FUE hair transplant is that you have to live with the hair loss for at least three months after the surgery. This may not sound pleasant but it is true. You have to take good care of your scalp and the hair follicles during this period so that you can see positive results in due course of time.

You can also make use of FUE hair transplant moisturizer that helps in preserving the health of the scalp and hair follicles. You will need a lot of it in the initial stage. It helps in preserving the healthy nutrients, vitamins and minerals that help in promoting hair growth. You will also need a lot of time in the first stage itself before you get to see any visible results. So, this is not a viable option for those looking for instant solutions

There are numerous other hair transplant methods that are better than FUE hair transplant hydrocortisone. Some require only a few sessions whereas some others require many sessions. But the important thing is that the entire procedure takes place without causing any pain. As a result, this is preferred by most people as they do not want to spend months in the surgical room. A number of people choose FUE over other more painful methods as it is less painful.

"Many people suffer from hair loss problems. It can cause depression or anxiety and they might even stop going to public functions due to their hair condition. This is why many people prefer to opt for a PRP Hair Transplant at Hyderabad, India." - Ashok Kumar, PRP Hair Transplant, Hyderabad

"The PRP Hair Transplant procedure is the first of its kind in India and we are very confident about its success. The hair transplant procedure was originally used in Germany for more than 40 years ago. But because of its potential dangers and negative reactions in patients it was discontinued in the US. Now in India, thanks to our experienced staff, the procedure is performed with full professionalism and safety on all patients."

PRP stands for Prednisone and it is a synthetic form of cortisone that can be injected to treat hair loss. In the initial years PRP was used to treat acne, but gradually it was realized that it also had great hair recovery properties. PRP Hair Transplant Hyderabad will increase your chances of getting your hair back naturally by stopping hair fall and its associated problems. FUE Hair Transplant is another method of treating hair loss and FUE hair transplant at Hyderabad using PRP Hair Transplant will help you regain your original hair color as well as make it look like your old self.

FUE Hair Transplant is one among many hair restoration procedures used at Hair Transplant clinic in India. It is a non-surgical procedure for hair loss and can be done in one day. FUE is a form of follicular unit transplantation. This procedure is basically carried out on adult scalp and it involves taking healthy hair follicles from one part of your body and transplanting them into the affected areas where there is hair loss. It also known as strip harvesting or capsule hair transplant.

The results of PRP hair transplant from Hyderabad can be seen within three to four months of the procedure. Your new hair will grow in density and will reach the same length as your old one. The only major benefit of this hair-loss procedure is that the existing hair on other areas of your body will not be affected.

There are many hair loss products available in the market today which claims to solve all your hair loss problems. However, before you use any of these products it is better to go for a proper medical test. If you suffer from any of scalp-related diseases than the use of any medication or product should be avoided. A thorough research on various products and their claims can help you get a clear idea about hair replacement procedures and their results.

PRP Hair Transplantation in Dilsukh Nagar is a clinic that specializes in hair transplant procedures. It is located in Indore, India. This clinic has the best team of surgeons who are specialized in the field of scalp transplantation. The transplant procedure undertaken at the PRP Hair Transplantation clinic in Dilsukh Nagar is considered to be relatively less painful and invasive as compared to other transplant procedures. The hair loss problem faced by many people can be solved by this clinic's hair transplant procedures.

The best feature about the hair transplant surgery conducted at the PRP Hair Transplantation clinic in Dilsukh Nagar is that the transplant surgeries are covered by insurance. The insurance policies of different companies cover hair restoration surgeries like PRP hair transplant in dilsukh nagar. The PRP hair transplant in Dilsukh Nagar is one of the most popular hair replacement surgeries being conducted by the clinic.

The hair transplant surgery is one of the most successful hair replacement procedures ever conducted and millions of people across the world have benefitted from it. This is why, more people are opting for hair replacement through different kinds of hair transplant surgeries. One can undergo a PRP hair transplant in dilsukh sugar as a part of his total hair replacement treatment program.

The price of the transplant depends on the type of transplant surgery undertaken and the extent of the balding. Different kinds of hair replacement surgeries are done at different centers. For instance, FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) transplant surgery involves removal of hair follicles from very close areas of the scalp and using those follicles to grow new hair at various locations. It also involves the use of hair plugs. On the other hand, follicular unit extraction transplant surgery is done by removing very small patches of scalp containing hair and letting it grow with natural hairs.

Follicular unit extraction method of hair transplant is quite successful and works very well in most of the patients. However, this method may not work well in some patients because of the problems associated with follicular units. In fact, several follicles may be damaged during the procedure resulting in permanent hair loss. In some extreme cases, the only solution left is to transplant scalp with healthy hairs. PRP hair transplant in Dilsukh Nagar is a good solution to this problem.

PRP hair transplant in Dilsukh Nagar is a better alternative to any other kind of hair replacement techniques and it also offers a permanent solution to baldness problems. The main advantage of the PRP hair transplant technique is that the new hair transplanted in the scalp grows up completely natural with natural-looking texture. Moreover, this technique offers faster recovery from the surgical procedure as well as better post-operative care. Follicular unit extraction transplant surgery may prove to be effective in some people but it should be avoided in all possible means when trying to treat hair loss conditions like male pattern baldness.

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