Hair Transplant Surgery Process

A hair transplant surgery is a medical procedure that involves the restoration of hair follicles from other areas of the body. In most cases, hair restoration surgery is used to treat hair loss problems or to create hair that will grow back after hair transplant damage has been done. Hair transplant surgery can also be performed to restore hair to bald spots on the head. The term hair transplant surgery is sometimes used interchangeably with hair transplantation, which is another hair restoration procedure. When people are talking about hair transplant surgery and hair transplant meaning, they are referring to the same thing.

The hair transplant surgery process begins with hair follicular unit extraction or hair grafting. This involves using tiny scissors to remove hair grafts from your own hair and then transplant them into the areas that you want to be treated. Your doctor will be able to tell you the exact procedure that is being used in your particular case. The doctor may decide to use a procedure known as micro grafting, follicular unit extraction and/or micrografting, which all have their own individual characteristics.

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The hair transplant surgery process is very closely related to hair transplantation, but the hair transplant surgery itself is separate from hair transplant surgery. In hair transplant surgery, hair follicular units are removed from your own hair and transplanted into the bald spots that you have. The hair transplant surgery process does not actually restore hair growth; it just stimulates hair growth in those areas that were not growing hair. Many hair transplant surgeons will recommend hair transplant surgery if your hair loss is due to genetics, stress, illness or age.

The hair transplant surgery process actually takes place under a surgical microscope. During the hair transplant surgery, hair follicles are removed from the patient’s own scalp and transferred to the bald area on the patient’s scalp. The hair transplant surgery is usually done under a local anesthetic. However, some people may prefer to use a general anesthesia, if they have any reactions during the procedure. Sometimes, hair transplants can be used to treat people who have hair loss due to chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

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The hair implant procedure is actually a more complex hair transplant procedure. When hair implants are made, a small hair graft is taken from a healthy part of the patient’s scalp. The hair graft is actually implanted into the balding area where hair transplant surgery was performed earlier. When hair grafts are made, they are taken from a donor area where there is a larger hair implant density.

The hair transplant surgery process actually takes a few hours to perform. You will be sedated and anesthetized with a topical anesthetic. You may also be given an anti-inflammatory medication. The surgery is usually performed by a hair transplant surgeon who has many years of experience in performing this kind of procedure.

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