Hair Transplant Surgery – Your Guide to the Basics

Are you thinking about hair transplant surgery? Are you worried that it will be too expensive and not worth your money? Well, you are not alone. There are many people who are afraid that hair transplant surgery is not a viable option for them. However, these people need to realize that there are now more options available in hair transplant surgery.

Before you get hair transplant surgery, talk with your doctor about possible hair loss after procedures that they have performed on you. You will want to find out if this procedure will be a viable option for you. Your doctor will be able to tell you if the procedure will work well for your needs. He may be able to recommend another procedure that will work better for you.

Hair Transplantation Methods

How long do the results from hair transplant surgery last? It can last from six months to several years. It will depend on the hair type that is used for the treatment. The grafts or surgeon’s operation will determine how long the hair transplant will take.

There is another hair transplant procedure that is growing quickly in popularity. This newer technique involves making small incisions under the hair roots. In this procedure, tiny plugs of scalp containing healthy hair follicles are removed. The hair transplant technique involves surgeons using micrografts, tiny plugs of tissue that are similar to hair roots.

Hair Transplants: What to Expect

With the micrograft, the hair follicles are “adhered” to individual grafts. As the follicular unit transplantation takes place, the surgeon does not have to remove as many hair grafts. This makes the hair transplant procedure less painful for the patient. The individual grafts can then be implanted into the bald area.

How much hair transplant surgery does a person need? The answer to that question depends on many factors. Age and heredity are common factors. For individuals who are older, hair loss is often caused by the gradual loss of healthy hair-bearing scalp hair. A hair-bearing scalp is essential in order for the hair transplant procedure to work properly.

The length of time that a person must wait before being able to resume normal activities will vary according to each person. In some cases, hair transplant procedures can be completed in less than one day. Scarring is another issue that can make it take longer. In most cases, hair transplant surgeons recommend that patients wait at least four to six weeks before they can safely resume normal activities.

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